3D Set of Four Animals Puzzle - Educational Learning Toy

Dhs. 65.00


  • 3D Animal Egg puzzle Toys, Good learning tools for kids.
  • Assorted set of four animals for kids.
  • Enhance a child’s hands-on ability and thinking
  • Develops hand-eye coordination and Spatial imagination ability
  • Touch identifies, Observation ability
  • Enjoy the moment to puzzle and bond with your child

Material: PVC
Recommended for ages: 6 and up
Package includes: 4pcs animal puzzles of different styles
Set A: Tiger, Rhino, Elephant, Lion.
Set B: Giraffe, Cheetah, Zebra, Hippo.
Animal Size: 9-13.5cm
Box size: 7x 5x 9.5

How to play the 3D Animal Puzzle

  1. Open the egg and you will find the animal parts and instructions inside.
  2. You can assemble the parts by your imagination or according to the instructions showed.
Once you finished the last one part, you will find a wonderful 3D Animal model. Enjoy playing or send cool gifts with friends.