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Pandemic 101 – Kids Boredom Strikes!

Ahmed Kamal

The Pandemic strikes us all in the year 2020. Kids are advised not to play outdoor like parks and others. The safest place that the kids can be is our Home… 
At Bellara, when kids’ boredom strikes, we discover things that the kids can enjoy and develop skills!
We launch the new kids’ toy product at Bellara, the 3d Jigsaw Puzzle. According to the study, there are three basic skills of what puzzles do for your child. Puzzle helps the child develop their physical, cognitive, and emotional skills. 

From the moment that the child holds the puzzle pieces and turning them until they fit, they are developing physical skills. As they solve the problems of a puzzle, they are developing cognitive skills. As they learn patience and are rewarded when they complete the puzzle; they are developing emotional skills. 

Puzzles can be played alone or with others. Did you know that playing puzzles with your kids also allows for the growth of social skills as you work together and communicate about what fits where? Yes, indeed! Bellara is offering a variety of 3d Jigsaw puzzle that you and your kids can start building! 

What are you waiting for?! Let the Fun time while learning begins!

Check it out…