UV LED Sterilization Box W/ Aromatherapy Function, Phone, Cosmetic Brush, Jewelry & Eye Glasses


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Portable UV LED Sterilization Box W/ Aromatherapy Function, Phone, Cosmetic Brush, Jewelry & Eye Glasses

If you are worried about getting infections, not to mention COVID-19, through the things that you use every day, then our UV LED Sterilization box is the best solution to put your mind at ease. Just put the stuff you use every day in our portable UV LED Sterilization box and within 5 minutes, they are 99.99 % free of all harmful microorganisms that can cause infection. You can use it anytime anywhere, whether at home or outdoors, since it is small in size and easy to carry, as long as you use an ultraviolet sterilizer and a USB cable.

- Light weight and small portable design
- 360-degree circulation
- The wavelength of the UV-C light is 253.7nm
- UV SMD LED for Environment Protection
- Cleaning efficiency is as high as 99.9%
- Neutralizes harmful microorganisms within 5 minutes
- 60 seconds rapid disinfection function
- The UV-C light can get to the microorganisms that hide in crevices where even cleaning wipes can't reach
- Can fit many things at the same time
- Suitable for masks, watches, jewelry, earphones, mobile phones (up to 7 inches), glasses, keys, etc., and home accessories
- Aroma function
- Safe and reliable

Dimension: 234*162*43mm
UV Light Power: 2W
Input voltage: DC 5V
UV tube Material: Quartz Glass
Wavelength: 253.7nm
Function: Disinfection/Wireless charge (optional)
Power Cord: USB power
Sterilizing Working Time: 5 min

How to use:
- Simply connect the ultraviolet sterilizer box with the provided USB cable to power supply.
- Put your belongings that you want to sterilize in the device.
- Close the lid and press the (UV light power) button to start the disinfection process.
- The ultraviolet sterilizer box protects your eyes, when you open the cover, the sterilization will suspend work.
- To use the aromatherapy function, put your favorite essential oil into the aromatherapy inlet, press (Aromatherapy power) button to start having aroma humidifier for your phones or other objects and make your things full of pleasant fragrance.


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